Support Independent Businesses This Christmas

November 21, 2011

Over the coming weeks I will be showcasing on here and on my other sites (Mummy Needs and Kizzy Bass Business Services) some fantastic independent businesses that have some wonderful and unusual products ideal for Christmas.

So here are just the first of many independent businesses I will be featuring in the run up to Christmas.


Do you have a pregnant friend or relative you are looking to buy for this Christmas? Well Bumpalicious Maternity has a fantastic range of beautiful maternity clothes to make the feel special over the festive season. They offer a vast range of clothing from everyday to special occasion’s.


Looking for gift ideas for the whole family that are different from the high street, well why not hop over to the Little Lilypad Company and take a look at their unique collection of gifts for all the family. I love the Fairy Mirror set, my daughter would love these on her bedroom wall!

Looking for a special stocking filler for a little one? Well why not buy them a personalised board book which features pictures of their own family. Chloe’s Mummy is a great site which makes this unique bespoke board books which are great for you little ones, especially if you have family along way away. They also have a keepsake book ideal for Christmas presents.

Pop over to Mummy Needs on Wednesday for the next installment of Independent businesses!


Mumpreneur or Business Mum?

November 7, 2011

By Ambro

This debate has been raging for sometime on lots of blogs and social media sites and I thought I would like to share my opinion on this.

I am fairly new to the term, in fact I hadn’t heard of it till this time last year, but thought it was a great way to sum up exactly what we are. Mum’s who juggle a business alongside all the other aspects of having a family and home. I like the fact that it gives us the chance to support each other as we are all in the same boat. I would also say that I am a Business Mum and a Business woman but Mumpreneur is a term that  conjour’s up in my mind  a group of business mums all working for the same goal, starting and running a business which will fit in with their hectic lives.

I must admit that I actively follow other mumpreneurs and I am looking at supporting lots by buying christmas presents from their sites because I think that is at the heart of being a mumpreneur. Although I haven’t as yet stated on my site, but the reason I set up Kizzy Bass Business Services  and why I am looking at starting a local networking group is to help, encourage and promote other mumpreneurs.

So whether you like the term or not Mumpreneur now features in the Collins English Dictionary and really does fit the bill for a lot of mums who start and run businesses. At the end of the day, it is ultimately up to you what you call yourself and there is no right or wrong answer to this debate, I just think Mumpreneur is a great term to describe a sector of mums who have taken control of their’s and their families lives and are striving to achieve their individual goals.

Why Network?

September 27, 2011


I love talking, ask anyone who knows me and they will agree whole heartedly that I can talk for England. I think, usually, as women we can talk a lot and that can make us great networker’s.

We network even when we don’t realise we are. An example of this is chatting in the playground to other mums, if you are like me you love sharing great ideas and lovely places to eat and what we are doing in business, at home etc. Is this not a form of informal networking?

Now I have to say that I have only been to a handful of networking events so far in my business life and it is all still new to me, but from the events and awards I have attended, these have thrown up opportunities that would never have presented themselves otherwise.

An example of this was at the MumsClub Awards in March this year where I was sat on a table with no one I really knew. From getting to know the others on the table, the lovely ladies from Caledonia Training Academy where there and after chatting and realising we where both in the beauty industry, they asked if I would be interested in becoming a distributor for them. Again this was all from networking and I would have never had this opportunity had I not gome.

I will be the first to admit that even though I can talk for England, since having my children my confidence has taken a big hit. I really have to force myself to go to these events but it is so worth it once I am there. It does take me a little while to start networking but you will always find people will come up to you nd start talking even if you do not initiate a conversation.

Networking events aimed at mums in business are fantastic as most are child friendly, meaning you can spend time in a relaxed environment not only with like-minded women but also your children will be interacting with other children too. It’s a win win situation. To find an event locally visit Mumsclub or google networking for mums.

So the moral to this post is, networking is an essential key to building and improving your business and once you have started you will ever wonder how you got on without it!