Business Blogging                      One off or long-term packages available

As blogs are an essential part of your online presence and increase your search engine ranking this is an essential business tool. If you are unsure what to write or may be you do not have enough time to regularly blog, Kizzy loves writing and will get your blog going or keep it updated with all your relevant information to drive in more business.

Social Media Set Up

Unsure how to create a Facebook page or start a Twitter account. Let Kizzy take the stress out of it all by creating and starting your accounts and helping you on your journey through the exciting world of social media. A must for all businesses.

Social Media Ongoing               Packages available

Do you want a presence on social media but do not have the time to keep updating your statuses, then let Kizzy run your social media accounts for you. A tailored package designed especially for your business is available to get the best for you.

Press Releases

Do you have a product or service that you want everyone to know about but not sure how to let them know? Well Kizzy is here to help write a press release, with her wide database of connections, it will reach its required destination quickly. You will be able to approve all proofs before dispatch and have total control over everything that goes into it.

Copy Writing Services                Packages available

Do you need copy writing for your business? Kizzy loves writing and with experience of web content to advertising, she will be able to cater to your needs. Please contact Kizzy for further details.

Proof Reading

Need someone to cast a careful eye over your written documents to check for any mistakes which might cost you business? Kizzy has a trained eye and an excellent attention to detail so send it over to her to proof read before possibly losing business over unnecessary  mistakes.

Site Manager                                         Packages available

Do you have a few sites and struggle to manage and run them to their full potential? Well Kizzy is here to help. With experience of running numerous sites, your business will be in safe hands and will be nurtured as if it were her own. Short and long-term packages are available. Plus holiday cover for when you have a well-earned break. Contact Kizzy for more details.

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