Social Media – an essential business tool

October 24, 2011

Everyone needs a website to build a business in today’s current climate. But did you know that for your business to grow, develop and succeed you also need to be interacting with potential clients through social media.

So what is social media? I looked the definition up in the Oxford English Dictionary and this states “websites and applications used for social networking”. I think of social media as sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

All three sites are essential tools to help you spread your USP and are a great free resource for PR. You can target exactly who you want to see your business messages on Twitter by making sure you follow and interact with people who are in your marketing criteria. By following and interacting with these potential customers, you will begin a relationship with them before they have even thought about buying from you. This helps to gain trust and as a consumer, you are more likely to buy from someone you trust and “know” than just any random site.

Again with Facebook, if you have a page, make sure you are promoting this on your website and interacting with others on the site. Liking other businesses pages will hopefully get them to like you back and in turn when you post messages, these will then appear on their wall for all their followers to see too.

Linked In is a great site to build business relationships and bounce ideas off fellow business people. The groups on this site are great as I have found people to be very supportive and give excellent advice.

To make social media work for you and your business you will need to make sure that all your gravitar pictures are the same, either a photo of you or a logo/product so people can easily identify that they are all from the same company. Also you need to promote all you pages, accounts and sites from your website and each individual account.

The most important thing to remember when using social media is to regularly interact. Join in conversations, promote blog posts and offers along with the services you provide and customers will in turn interact with you.

If you are struggling to keep all your social media sites updated regularly or are unsure where to start, then why not get in touch. We provide a range of services customised to your individual needs. To contact Kizzy please visit the Contact Me page on this site. For all the services Kizzy provides, visit the Services page.


Business Mums Unite

October 19, 2011


Well today is the day of the Business Mums Unite and I am really looking forward to learning and networking with lots of like minded mums.

There are lots of sessions planned to help mums in business as well as some great speakers including Elaine Hanzak, who is the keynote speaker, Dragon’s Den survivor and Baby Loves Disco director Naomi Timperley, Sally Pettitt of The Mother Factor and Rebecca Jones The Business in Red Shoes.
So if you are there I hope to get chance to say hi, if not and you want to follow the events of the day, the Twitter hashtag is #BMU2011.
Plus pop back over the next couple of days to see how I got on!

Looking to Find a Family Friendly Business?

September 29, 2011

This Saturday there is a fantastic event to showcase the start of  Business Mum week.

The Business and Baby show is being held at Cranmore Park, Solihull on Saturdy 1st October from 11 – 5. There will be loads of businesses showcasing their businesses which are designed to suit mums who want to work from home.

There is also lots of entertainment if you want to bring your children, including The Creation Station and Kids Bee Happy!

So if you are a mum and are looking to set up a home based business pop along and see what you could do.

To get your free ticket visit the Business and Baby Show

Why Network?

September 27, 2011


I love talking, ask anyone who knows me and they will agree whole heartedly that I can talk for England. I think, usually, as women we can talk a lot and that can make us great networker’s.

We network even when we don’t realise we are. An example of this is chatting in the playground to other mums, if you are like me you love sharing great ideas and lovely places to eat and what we are doing in business, at home etc. Is this not a form of informal networking?

Now I have to say that I have only been to a handful of networking events so far in my business life and it is all still new to me, but from the events and awards I have attended, these have thrown up opportunities that would never have presented themselves otherwise.

An example of this was at the MumsClub Awards in March this year where I was sat on a table with no one I really knew. From getting to know the others on the table, the lovely ladies from Caledonia Training Academy where there and after chatting and realising we where both in the beauty industry, they asked if I would be interested in becoming a distributor for them. Again this was all from networking and I would have never had this opportunity had I not gome.

I will be the first to admit that even though I can talk for England, since having my children my confidence has taken a big hit. I really have to force myself to go to these events but it is so worth it once I am there. It does take me a little while to start networking but you will always find people will come up to you nd start talking even if you do not initiate a conversation.

Networking events aimed at mums in business are fantastic as most are child friendly, meaning you can spend time in a relaxed environment not only with like-minded women but also your children will be interacting with other children too. It’s a win win situation. To find an event locally visit Mumsclub or google networking for mums.

So the moral to this post is, networking is an essential key to building and improving your business and once you have started you will ever wonder how you got on without it!

Hello world!

September 6, 2011

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