Mumpreneur or Business Mum?

November 7, 2011

By Ambro

This debate has been raging for sometime on lots of blogs and social media sites and I thought I would like to share my opinion on this.

I am fairly new to the term, in fact I hadn’t heard of it till this time last year, but thought it was a great way to sum up exactly what we are. Mum’s who juggle a business alongside all the other aspects of having a family and home. I like the fact that it gives us the chance to support each other as we are all in the same boat. I would also say that I am a Business Mum and a Business woman but Mumpreneur is a term that  conjour’s up in my mind  a group of business mums all working for the same goal, starting and running a business which will fit in with their hectic lives.

I must admit that I actively follow other mumpreneurs and I am looking at supporting lots by buying christmas presents from their sites because I think that is at the heart of being a mumpreneur. Although I haven’t as yet stated on my site, but the reason I set up Kizzy Bass Business Services  and why I am looking at starting a local networking group is to help, encourage and promote other mumpreneurs.

So whether you like the term or not Mumpreneur now features in the Collins English Dictionary and really does fit the bill for a lot of mums who start and run businesses. At the end of the day, it is ultimately up to you what you call yourself and there is no right or wrong answer to this debate, I just think Mumpreneur is a great term to describe a sector of mums who have taken control of their’s and their families lives and are striving to achieve their individual goals.


Mumpreneur Monday

October 31, 2011

By Ambro

I’m looking at starting a feature on here called Mumpreneur Monday, it will be where on a Monday We will showcase a mumpreneur and her business. This is also open to Dadpreneurs too.

So if you fancy being featured or know someone who would like to be featured please get them to contact me through the contact page.

For the feature I will send a selection of questions and will require a head shot and logo for your business.

Looking forward to hearing from you and spreading the word about your business.

M O T I V A T I O N that’s what you need!

September 13, 2011

This is a very good question and one that needs answering. I think it helps for people to understand who I am and by owing what has motivated me start a business and become a mumpreneur and what keeps me motivated whilst I am sat long hours working at my computer.

SO what has motivated me to start my own business? Well necessity is one thing, I was working part-time for the local council as a home care assistant which fitted in well when we just had our eldest. I started this job when he was little and meant I worked evenings so I was there during the day when he needed me. This job became harder and harder to do with the subsequent arrival of my other two children and with cost cutting, local policy, earlier this year I decided I needed to look into something else.

My daughter started school last year and my little man started preschool earlier this year so this gave me time to work towards my ultimate goal of being self-employed. I started an excellent online course, Become a Mumpreneur, and this opened a whole new world up to me, including being able to improve my blogging skills.

This has then had a snowball effect on my own business to the extent where I gave my notice in to my part-time job and am now entirely self-employed.

SO that was my motivation to start my business but I’m sure you want to know what motivates me to carry on when things are difficult or I feel isolated sat here at my kitchen table. Well, I look to my left and I see a picture of my 3 beautiful children looking back at me and this is all the motivation I need.

Due to circumstance and illness I am the main income in our house and I need to succeed to give my children the life they deserve. This is my motivation.

I have written this post not only to give you a bit of background about me but also this is an entry into the blogging competition. 

My business is a freelance writer and business services provider to small businesses.